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Computer Science Overview

Computer Science is a large and very complex field. It has several branches, which span across almost every aspect of computer technology. Computer Science depends on the field of study, but it can also be split into two major categories: basic and applied.

Computer Science mainly focuses on computer hardware, software, operating systems, computer networking and software engineering. There are also many other branches such as artificial intelligence, business & information technology, computer security, web development, multimedia technologies, systems design, etc. These are only a few of the many branches of computer science. Each branch is very much related to the others.

Some of the major areas of Computer Science include: Information Processing Techniques, Data Structures, Programming Languages, Distributed Systems, System Security and Compilers. There are other areas of Computer Science that are not related to any branch and are not considered computer science. These include Artificial Intelligence, Cybernetics, Entertainment Technology, Games Programming, Health IT, Robotics, Internet Engineering, Security Engineering, Semiconductor Engineering, Software Engineering, Web and Videogames.

Computer Science education is divided into two major categories: traditional and online. Traditional Education means that the student studies the subject from a classroom environment and subsequently participates in lectures and labs 먹튀검증. Online Education means that the student takes online courses such as Coursera, etc. The major advantage of online education is that you can obtain quality information on the subject and save money on your tuition.

Software Engineers has some specialties like web programming, data mining, computer graphics, network programming, various programming languages, etc. They work with large software companies like Microsoft, IBM, Google, etc.

Computer Scientists generally work with a specific science, using software to test theories. Computer Science is used for a variety of projects like robotics, transportation, Internet, and to optimizecomputers systems. Computer Science is also used to develop integrated circuits, optical chips, microprocessors, robots, systems management, telecommunications, and programming languages.

Computer Science is closely associated with various other subjects such as Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Engineering, Statistics, Engineering Design, Mathematics, and Computer Science Research. Mathematics is one of the major foundations of Computer Science. Computer Science is a very large and complex field, with much flexibility. So, if you plan to pursue a Computer Science degree, you would want to make sure that you have the right mix of the traditional subjects.